Gender: Male
Age: 46
Town: Canton
Country: USA
Smoker: no
Children: 1
Hair Colour: black
Build: medium
Height: 6'0"-6'2"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: divorced/separated
Looking for: both friendship and dating
Service: Air Force
Rank: Staff Sergeant
On deployment: no

My friends would describe me as being one of the funniest guy they know. I can find humor and make people laugh out of many different situations...but rest assured, I can be serious when the time calls for it. In general though, I am truly a very romantic, sincere, old-fashioned gentleman that has a world of personality and so much fun to be around. I really enjoy respecting and treating a woman with all that she deserves and practicing unrehearsed old fashioned values that just come naturally. You can expect your car door opened, flowers when you least expect them, sweet cards now and then, honesty, sincerity and most of all, a lot of affection. If you think chivalry is dead, let me show you it's not. My strong family values play a big role in my life and should in yours.

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