If you have a paying subscription you can cancel your subscription on the following page of the website:-

Subscription Manager

If you are not paying, but wish to remove your profile from the website view "How do I delete my profile?"

Photos may be removed from our system if they contravene our policy on photo uploads.

The following photos are not allowed:-

Photos showing illegal acts
Photos that contain contact information
Photos that advertise products or services
Photos showing naked sexual parts
Photos of users in underwear (this does not include beachwear)
Photos which can be construed as sexual in nature
Photos which show body parts in a sexual way without a headshot
Photos with logos from other websites
In order, to remove your profile from the website and delete your account go to the following page:-

Privacy Settings
You can post your profile, view other peoples' profiles and send and receive both flirts and hugs for free to gauge what kind of success you're likely to have and get a feel for what other lovely people are on the website already. Once you've engaged with someone then you will need to subscribe to use the private messaging, forum and live chatroom.

Send an email to from your registered email address with details of your current username and your new preferred username. We will email you back at the registered email address once it has been updated.
A flirt is a way of saying that you find someone attractive and a hug is more about friendship and support. In either case, that person is showing you that they like your profile and they want to see if you like theirs too.

At this point, you can either start up a conversation with them by sending them a message directly or you can send them a flirt/hug back to show that you are also interested in chatting to them and put the onus on them to start the conversation.

Don't play flirt/hug tennis forever though! If you sent the first flirt/hug and they responded with a flirt/hug you need to fire up a conversation so read their profile again and get some words sent.
We now offer payment with Direct Debit through GoCardless so all you need is a UK bank account. Just choose the GoCardless option in the subscription process and fill in your details. This process will take a few days to set up so you won't have immediate access to the website, but you can follow the progress through GoCardless.
This is the government's latest information on the sending of letters and parcels to BFPO addresses:-
To remove yourself from emails you can either click the link at the very bottom of each email. Or you can go to the following page to manage all of the lists:-


In the lists, there is a little cross on the top right of the user's photo. If you click on that cross then you have options to remove them from the lists, block them or report them.

When viewing their profile on the top right are three icons and the one on the far right blocks the user.

To add the user directly to the blocked list and also remove users from the lists go to the following page:-

Under "my account" > "privacy settings"


View their profile and on the top right is a down arrow which drops down a list of options. Choose the "block" option.
Snailmail is old-fashioned letter writing and sending in the mail to a physical address.

You can request someone's address by clicking the snailmail button on their profile and if they accept your request then you will be able to see their address. At that point they will also be able to see your address.

If you receive a snailmail request then you can accept it and addresses will be exchanged or you can reject it and they will not be able to see your address nor you theirs.

In order to find people who are keen to send and receive old-fashioned letters then you can either see a list of snailmail users under "find penpals" or you can adjust your ideal penpals settings to only show those who are "interested in received letters"